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Woken up with back pain?  In pain or discomfort for weeks, months or even years?  Gentle osteopathy treatment helps beat long term discomfort, aches and pains.  A personal ospteopathic treatment plan will keep your future pain free, drug free, and help you get a good nights sleep.


Difficulty getting out of bed? Backache every morning from sleeping, or long periods standing? Osteopathy treatment will help you get pain free in your lower back, joints and muscles enabling a good nights sleep.

Waking up with backache?  Stiff neck and shoulders?

Slept badly, can’t turn your head around?  

Suffering headaches, numbness or pins and needles as a result?  


The sudden onset of severe pain can indicate a slipped disc, trapped nerve or sciatica. Your muscles tighten around the problem leading to stiffness and pain.  


Stiff muscles can be gently relaxed with osteopathy treatment .  Hart Osteopathy identify the cause, loosen up the area and

teach you some simple stretching techniques

to help keep pain free.  


Osteopathy is a safe and effective therapy.  

Hart Osteopathy will get you back to normal

and show you how to exercise to reduce low back pain.

What to do for lower backpain; Sciatica or lumbago

Back pain Stiff neck treatment

Regular gentle stretching at home help keep stiffness at bay.  

Follow these simple guides to keep your body supple and pain free

Thoracic and Calves


Four on the Floor