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Osteopathy near Hook, Basingstoke, Fleet and Farnborough.


Pain resulting from a sports injury, fall or operation?  Hart Oseopathy offer fast treatment for back, neck, shoulder, ankle and knee injuries.  Hart Osteopaths relieve pain, rehabilitate injury and speed up recovery.


Our goal is to get you back to your sport as quickly and permanently as possible.


Osteopath for Sports Injury treatment serving Hook, Fleet, Eversley, Yateley


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The sudden onset of severe back pain can indicate a slipped disc, trapped nerve or sciatica. Your muscles tighten around the problem leading to stiffness and pain.  Stiff muscles can be gently  relaxed with osteopathy treatment.

Back Injury

Sports Injury Clinic, Hook, Hants

Slept badly?  Woken up and can’t turn your head?

Neck and shoulder pain are often related - pain in the shoulder can be “referred” from the neck.

Hart Osteopathy identify the cause, loosen up the area and teach you some simple stretching techniques to help keep pain free.

Stiff neck...

shoulder pain?

Suffered a fall? Turned an ankle? Twisted knee? Sports injury or simply overdone cycling or running?  Injury to soft tissue such as ligaments, tendons, muscles or cartilage responds well to osteopathic treatment - we show you how to rebuild strength, mobility and endurance.

Knee strains,

ankle sprains, twisted knee?

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